BS editorial consists foremost of passion. Our project started when two photographers decided to join forces. We are driven by our far reaching experience gained in the fields of architecture, communication, photography and videography, as well as marketing and customer service.

Through a long standing relationship with our clients, BS editorial helps to deliver visual content for sales, social media, magazines and display.  Our responsibility ensures that each project aligns to the client´s identity and responds to market trends.

Aleksandra Bigoszewska


Pablo Salgueiro



We are proud to be based in London, considered as a top urban spot to live according to the World’s Best Cities Report. And we can back it up! The capital is thriving with progressive space management, interior design, and attention to nature. The pandemic has challenged the capital’s serviceability. It brought new opportunities to the estate sector. Together with the hybrid working trend, a business almost does not exist without its virtual face.